Fire Hazard! Dirty & greasy ducts


By kitchenadmin

December 02, 2020

At Kitchen and Duct Cleaning we specialise cleaning commercial kitchen ducting from the hood up through the building to the outside of the exterior.

We offer a service where we clean inspect and test your extraction system to a very high standard and on completion of the clean we issue a TR 19 certificate which is compliant with your insurance purposes.

kitchen duct cleaning

A dirty greasy duct is a fire Hazard which can cause a multitude of problems from hygiene to a fire hazard and the list goes on. Firstly, when we arrive on site we take our time to isolate the electricity supply to the fans. 

All ducting systems are unique as some fans are located just behind the hood some are found hidden in line with the ducting and some are found on the roof and some have silencers built-in to keep the noise down for the neighbouring buildings we also then cover or move if possible everything underneath but if for any reason any kitchen equipment cannot be moved we then completely cover all appliances we plastic sheeting. 

kitchen duct cleaning

Then once we start to the clean we isolate the electricity supply to the fan and use PPE and then we start the Process of applying specialist degreasers In some cases we use mechanical brushes to loosen and remove the grease. The fan is dropped from his house in and cleaned we put everything back together and run the system which is inspected and tested. We are a family run Business which covers Dorset, Poole, Bournemouth, Blandford, Weymouth, Dorchester and surrounding areas. We cover whole of Hampshire which includes Southampton, Gosport, Fareham museums Portsmouth and we also do many parts of Sussex.

We were established in Pool Dorset  and then branched out to Hampshire and logistically it gives us a better vantage point to cover the whole of the south coast please. Feel free to contact us for all your kitchen ducting and the cleaning kitchen requirements. We have many years’ experience of steam cleaning  we offer The option Of working through the night as we are open 24 hours a day please do not hesitate to contact us for further information as we can tailor a schedule to suit your needs. Kitchen and Duct Cleaning is TR19 certified and fully insured. 

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