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About Kitchen and Duct Cleaning – TR19 Certified

Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Services offers you a reliable and affordable service and ensures that you fully meet your obligations under Fire Safety Order 2005 to reduce the risk of fire in your kitchen area and the risk of the spread of fire in your premises.

As you will be aware, kitchen extraction filters cannot remove all traces of grease and dirt from the air. There will be a layer of grease and dust deposited on the surfaces of ventilation ducts, canopies and extractor fans. This will be an environmental health hazard, providing a breeding ground for bacteria, reducing the efficiency of your extraction system and it posing a major fire risk if not cleaned thoroughly.

A risk assessment should be carried out to determine the frequency of cleaning, but as a guideline, the frequency of cleaning/de-greasing can be based upon usage:

TR19 AEME qualified
NAAD Kitchen and duct association
Kitchen usage Cleaning frequency for Canopies, Ducts and Fans
12-16 hours per day Every 3 months
6-12 hours per day Every 6 months
2-6 hours per day Annually

Your insurers will want to be assured that regular cleaning has taken place and failure to clean/de-grease may mean invalidation of the entire contract, leaving you, the insured, to meet the whole of any loss should a fire occur.
We offer a full service: we clean/de-grease ensuring minimum disruption to your business; we inspect ducting and fire dampers to ensure that your working environment remains safe, and we provide you with TR19 certification to show compliance for your business insurers.

Benefits with choosing Kitchen and Duct Cleaning

  • Our extraction and canopy cleaning meet the requirements of the Food Safety Acts
  • Kitchen and Duct Cleaning are externally audited by CHAS
  • Kitchen & Duct provide a certificate required by local authorities
  • We are registered with the Environment Agency for waste disposal
  • All our canopy cleaning chemicals are biodegradable
  • COSHH regulations are strictly followed
  • Liability insurance
  • We perform site-specific risk assessments

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Monday - Friday + 8 AM - 6 PM
Saturday + 8 AM - 3 PM

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